Monday, April 19, 2010

I Guess ICP Means 'I Can't Process'

I know this is somewhat old news. It's been out for nearly a week and that makes it Social Security Old in internet years. (Even SNL did a bit about it, so it HAS to be played out) But I had to throw it on here because it simply makes me... exhausted. Every logical part of me screams this has to be a joke.... but I'm starting to think they're serious.

Someone should make them watch just one episode of Beakman's World. It would blow their minds. I would say show them Bill Nye, but I think it might be over their heads.

Dear ICP,

Go back to rapping about hatchets and hating women. Know your limits.

The internet is a miracle,

Ray Harrington

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Moonshine Duncan said...

Check out they did a thing about this and it is hilarious!
Keep up the great work.....I miss your scent.

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