Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Greatest Film of All Time?

Oh, juggalos. First it was the GATHERING OF THE MUTHA F'N JUGGALOS video, then there were some questions about magnets working and rainbows. Now you made a movie? A western comedy? Oh, tell me you wear the clown make-up throughout the entire movie! You do! Perfect. I'll get your oscar ready now!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Reality is Funnier (Case File #5)

Finally! A perfect case study on how the average brain is affected by prolonged exposure to Fox News with a high dosage of Glenn Beck. Symptoms: Insane make-up, poor editing, having a microphone that's not plugged into anything, mouthing the words of the other person, incoherent and mildly autistic social skills, and dressing like a clown rapist.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Reality Is Funnier (Case File #4)

Christian music is strange to begin with. It seems to be whatever popular genre is hitting mixed with Christian lyrics. This makes the music... stale? Boring? Devoid of real meaning? Hear me out. If having a band or even "band" (I use quotation marks to include "musicians" that "perform" "songs" like the go-to example of Britney Spears but now includes most anything listened to anyone under 16) ANYWAY... If having a band or "band" that does music about just one myopic, exclusionary topic is really good, then where are the Christian music stars OUTSIDE of Christian music? It's a pop-culture phenomenon that is truly perplexing, if not a genius way to rake in cash. (Read Rapture Ready, an amazing book about Christian Pop and how big the industry is)

My semi-serious point in a blog meant to be funny? (relax, the funny is a few sentences away) This video may be hilarious to the point of seeming like a parody, but it's seriously not far from Christian Music's core. In other words, this is what they like, produce, and listen to.... every day. Sobering fact, I know. Like when you found out people actually watch Glee for real.

My favorite part of the video? That it's 'Christ-like' to blast shitty bass from your trash import so loud that the elderly can't eat breakfast. What in made-up-God's name is that about? For the life of me I can't understand it and if you do, let me know. At least this guy is probably up to his gold crucifix in Christian Hip-Hop pussy. Shame he has to wait for marriage.

Thanks to Kelsey for the link.