Monday, April 19, 2010

There's No Such Thing As A Stupid Question, But....

So I have been watching The Little Chocolatiers because... well... it's like someone crept inside my brain while I was dreaming happy, wonderful dreams and stole a box of hope from my head. Then they put it in 30 minute increments on TLC. Watch it.

ANYWAY... I started feeling guilty about my midget joke and was concerned I was maybe being a jerk. I know 'midget' isn't a cool term, but I can't help it. I have no hang ups about little people. In fact, you put me on Little Chocolatiers, I'm gonna be delighted. I will light up like a child and get to work on getting diabetes in the most fun way possible. The possibilities are endless for a 6'7" giant like me, a couple of little folks, and a mountain of confectionery joy. The danger of looking like, and meeting the same demise as, Agustus Gloop is high, but that's beside the point. I just don't want to piss someone off because I do the joke. If I offend someone, I want it to be for the right reason. (Like the guy that threatened to shoot me for doing a pro-gay-marriage joke. Now THAT guy, I want to piss off) Needless to say, I was worrying about the joke, the context, the wording, etc.

Then I checked google.

Go to google. It's real. So I guess I don't have to worry. At least I'm aware of my shortcomings (seriously, no pun intended). I may do a midget joke, but I'm not asking the internet if they have souls.... Oh, and I really want to know where the thought process in someone's mind leads to asking 'do midgets go to jail'.

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